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Ani DiFranco serigraph for sale

Would you, or anyone else you know, like to buy an ultra-rare signed/framed Ani DiFranco serigraph by Voodoo Catbox?

Hand-pulled, limited edition Ani DiFranco screen print (also called a serigraph, or incorrectly called a silkscreen or lithograph) by Mike King and Gary Houston of Voodoo Catbox. Signed and numbered # 19 out of 120.

Purchased at B-Side Records in 1997 (Northampton, MA). Professionally framed in black wood at Hampshire Frame & Art (Northampton, MA).

Measures approximately 15.5" x 22.5" (framed), 13" x 20" (unframed).

Text of serigraph reads:
Willamette Week & 107.5 The Beat Welcome
Ani DiFranco
July 23
Gates open at 5:30 * Show starts at 7PM
Champoeg State Park
Tickets at all Ticketmaster outlets or charge by phone 224-4400
Get tickets without a service charge at Old Friends True Brew & It's My Pleasure
Produced by Showman, Inc.
Copyright 1997 Mike King * Gary Houston * Voodoo Catbox
Hand Pulled at GH Design * Portland, OR *

Print also has logos for Full Sail Brewing Company and Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in the lower left and right corners.

This is a very rare screen print. When I say this screen print is rare, I really do mean RARE. Only 120 of these posters were ever created, and of these, only about 40 remain intact in the whole world. Of the actual print offered in this auction, its artist Gary Houston wrote to me:

"First off, the Ani poster is screen printed... and what you have is a pretty rare piece...
Ms DiFranco's attourneys were not happy that we did a poster and demanded that we
send them our stock... We complied by cutting the remaining posters, about 80, in quarters, and put them in a small box, and mailed them... We figured if we couldn't use them, neither could they... Your poster should be signed by both Mike and myself..."

So according to one of the artists, out of the original 120 (a small enough number as it is), about 80 posters were destroyed.

At the top and bottom of the print are close reproductions of the tattoo Ani has on her clavicle. The logo is a hand holding up a heart, reminding me of that part of her song, "Outta Me, Onto You" which goes:

Some people wear their heart upon their sleeve
I wear mine underneath my right pantleg
Strapped to my boot
Well don't think cuz I'm easy I'm naïve
Don't think I won't pull it out
Don't think I won't shoot - Ani DiFranco, Outta Me, Onto You

(A reference which makes sense, since the album this song appears on - Dilate - came out in 1996.)

Champoeg State Park is along the south bank of the Willamette River in Oregon

I have obtained a $55 packing fee (which includes thin plywood) from UPS to crate the print appropriately so it sustains no damage en route, but this does NOT include the actual shipping cost, which will depend on how far it will travel. I don’t require that this serigraph be crated to ship it, but I figured I would offer it as an option. I would be more than happy to have you come pick this magical print up if you live nearby.

If you’re interested in this print, please leave an LJ comment or email me directly (beatgoddess at gmail dot com). Thanks!

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